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    Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
    Cookie days 60 days
    Commission type Percent of Sale
    Base commission 0.00% Product specific
    Additional terms Earn 10% for every sale sold throughout your affiliate link or personalized 15% coupon code on Posturepro's Proprioceptive Insoles, mobility and TMJ products, apparel, and online courses*. Create your account here. *Buddles and courses in pre-launch period excluded

    Who should you market to?

    When a prospect recognizes a need, they will usually embark on the “buyer’s journey”. 

    Ideally, you want to target those with a need for our product already. When it comes to our insoles, our target audience generally includes those experiencing: 

    ·      pain, injury, inflammation

    ·      poor posture

    ·      poor performance

    ·      or those seeking to improve their overall well-being, and prevent injury. 

    When it comes to our courses, our target audience includes: 

    ·      coaches, personal trainers, fitness enthusiasts

    ·      healthcare practitioners (doctors, dentists, etc)

    ·      therapists (massage therapist, athletic therapist, physiotherapist, etc)

    ·      those seeking to improve their well-being, or address their pain


    For the remaining population that do not yet recognize the need, you will want to spread awareness. This allows you to demonstrate the features & benefits of the product, and helps generate a necessity. This can be achieved through social media. Sharing our videos/posts can be helpful. 


    How can you market these products?

    Some of the most effective marketing tools include:

    ·      podcasts

    ·      social media photos/videos/stories

    ·      blogs

    ·      testimonials

    ·      informative video  (Q&A’s)

    ·      email campaigns (with recipient consent)


    When will I receive my commission? 

    You will receive your commission through Paypal on the 1st of every month! If the 1st of the month falls on a non-business day, you will receive your commission on the next open-business day.

    Where should I display my discount code?

    It’s a great idea to post your discount code in your social media bio. We suggest that you include your code in your captions or comments as well, that way any newcomers that come across your post will pick up on the code right away. 


    Feel free to send us your questions at [email protected]

    Posturepro Company Agreement and Release of Liability



    1. Confidential information 

    Any information disclosed to the Affiliate that is not generally known or readily ascertainable in the industry is deemed confidential. By signing this agreement, the Affiliate recognizes that all confidential information is confidential for the duration of the contract and remains even after the Affiliate’s contract end and continues for so long as such confidential information remains a trade secret. 

    2. Return of materials 

    At the termination of the Affiliate’s contract, the Affiliate will promptly deliver all original copies of all free materials provided by Posturepro. 

    3. Check mark

    By checking off the terms and agreement box, the Affiliate indicates that they have carefully read all of this agreement and agree that all of the information set forth are fair and reasonably required to protect Posturepro’s interests. The Affiliate can revisit this document on our website.


    Terms of the agreement

    1. The agreement 

    This agreement to become an Affiliate is entered into by and between Posturepro and you (the person listed below). 

    2. Term 

    You understand that your position becomes effective the day you receive notification of your acceptance into the program and will continue for 1-year time period, at which point we will re-evaluate your eligibility. 

    3. Facility policies and privileges 

    Upon acceptance into the program, you shall receive all Affiliate rights and privileges as outlined above. Upon acceptance, you agree to abide by all policies, rules and procedures of the agreement including the code of integrity and code of conduct. You understand that and agree that these policies, rules and procedures are subject to change without notice. You understand that your contract may be terminated by Posturepro if you conduct yourself in a manner which is deemed inappropriate by Posturepro. 

    4. Collection and use of personal information 

    By signing this agreement, you acknowledge that Posturepro agrees to not disclose any of your personal information other than social media handles and information specified for the ‘Affiliate’ page on the Posturepro website. We may use your contact information internally to stay connected for the duration of the agreement for any reason deemed necessary by Posturepro. 

    Acceptance of the agreement

    1. Modification 

    No modifications or alterations to the terms outlined in this agreement may be made by anyone unless changes are expressly authorized in writing by Posturepro. 

    2. Governing law 

    This agreement is governed by the laws of Quebec and to the extent prompted by the laws of Canada. Whenever possible each provision of the agreement shall be interpreted in such a manner as to be effective and valid. 

    3. Agreement and understand of terms 

    You acknowledge that before you signed the Affiliate agreement, including the waiver and release of liability and assumption of risk (to follow) you had the reasonable opportunity to examine it. I further accept;

    1. The code of conduct 
    2. The code of integrity 

    Waiver and release of liability and assumption of risk

    In consideration of being allowed to participate in the Affiliate program, the participant hereby agrees to the fullest extent permitted by law, as follows: 

    • To waive all claims that they have or may have against Posturepro. The participants understand that they are releasing any and all claims that arise or may arise. 
    • To assume all risks of participating in the Affiliate program. 
    • To release the company, its owners, affiliates, employees from all liability for any loss, damage, injury, death, or expense that the participant may suffer, arising from his/her participation in the Affiliate program. 
    • To indemnify the company its owners, affiliates, employees from all liability for any loss, damage, injury, death or expense that the participant may suffer arising out of the participation in the Affiliate program. 


    Signed agreement 

    The participant understands that his/her participation in the program is voluntary. The participant understands that he/she is obligated to follow the rules of the program.